My Life at Mary Washington

Over the past week we as a class have had to read a few extra chapters of Don’ Quixote. In this chapter it is Don Quixote and Sancho and they are talking with the Duke and Duchess and they have read the new story. They are able to learn about how crazy the life of Don Quixote and Sancho really is and to what extent they let their fantasies take over.

This is just like in real life. For example we are expected to as students to maintain great grades while doing other things outside the classroom that will allow us to be put into great colleges. For example in my life I was expected to practice my sport while keeping up with my studies. This was a very difficult task considering how much I was expected to practice. The same thing happened when I came here.

Although I can complain about how much work there is, it is also giving me a chance at real world applications which is something not many people have the opportunity to do. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have and will use them to the best of my ability.

The End of Don Quixote

When I first entered this class I had no idea who Miguel Cervantes or Don Quixote was. After reading almost half the book I can truly say I know who both these people are and can explain about them in depth. Don Quixote was a book with a lot of parallels to the modern day world. These parallels are what is going to help me remember the book. For example the impact that Don Quixote had on the world is major due to the fact that people around the world are using this book as a benchmark for literature and that everybody needs to read it as in the case with the Venezuelan government.

I will remember Don Quixote in a numerous amounts of ways. For example, the cave of Montesinos was a major point in the book because it truly highlighted Don Quioxtes imagination and the world that he believed he lived in. Also I will remember the banter between Sancho and Quixote because it was very witty at times and it really highlighted the two of them and how they should react in a setting like they were in.

Overall the class went by really fast and it was a book I truly will remember because of how significant it is to us around the world. I’m looking forward to being able to make any connections to this book in the near future and will always be able to remember the adventures of Don Quixote.

Don Quixote as a Movie

This past week I had to watch a movie regarding the production of Don Quixote and how they were able to make the movie and get the actors. It was really amazing to watch how a movie is able to come together and all the components that are needed in order to go through with the film. For example the director has to find the actors and has to hire the rest of the crew in order for their to be perfection on set. I think it is really tough to make a movie because of all the pieces that one needs in order to produce a film.

While watch Lost In La Mancha I was amazed and how the movie was coming together. It was hard to imagine making a film and having to got through all of those obstacles that they had to overcome. For example the storm that came in almost wiped out their entire set and its really hard to imagine that they could recover from that. Lost In La Mancha really opened my eyes to the world of film and it gave me a different appreciation for the film industry.

Social Media in the Modern Age

Social media is one of those key developments that has taken over the industry. For example what started with myspace has turned into facebook and from facebook has grown to instagram and twitter and snapchat. The evolution is amazing to watch as there is another new social media device that people have to get. Also today even social media can act as a learning tool for students. Some professors and teachers have begun connecting with students through social media because they know it is the easiest way to connect with students because every student has a social media account.

There are some interesting social interactions in Don Quixote. For example Sancho and Don have some quirky exchanges. They don’t always see eye to eye and therefore there banter can be humorous and witty at times. It just shows how personalities rubbed off back then. It also shows how friends would try and intervene in the personal affairs of a friend for their own good.

There aren’t really many social messages that appear from Don Quixote. Social media back in Cervantes day would have been like talking to one another or passing written notes to one another. The concept of social media to Cervnates now would blow his mind because of the advances that have been made. It would be completely different especially coming from the 16th century.

I can’t really see a role for social media in my professional academic career because I don’t think it is appropriate for their to be the use of snapchat while I’m trying to learn about a certain topic. I think that social media all together should stay out of my academic career.

How does Plagiarism affect me?

Over the past week I have read a few articles regarding plagiarism and the affects that they have had on me. It’s hard to think about plagiarism because it is a crime each one of us have committed in our lives. Of course everybody has taken that one special image for their PowerPoint presentation and forgot to  cite where they got it from.

It’s hard for people to be aware of what they are doing because of how accessible everything is via the internet. For example I can find hundreds and thousands of pictures of a certain item just by typing it in to google. It’s also really easy to just copy and paste that into a project and completely forget where that came from. This is a very hard law for us to not break and even though everybody has to abide by the honor code, it is still difficult to remember to cite every single piece of information that we receive.

Although there are no real connections that can be made to Don Quixote regarding the idea of plagiarism, there are some parallels with the author. For example is it really possible that Cervantes cited every piece of information? Of course not he just found info and stuck it into places where he though it was appropriate.

At the end of the day it is tough for us individuals to find a way to abide by the law when information is so accessible. It is our job for the future to take a step back and to realize that citing is important because it isn’t always your original work. I hope people can be more aware of when they cite and that will allow for us to be a more civilized community.

The Library of the Future

It’s amazing to see how far technology is advancing and the capabilities that a person can do with this new technology. For instance in the article about the googlization of everything, the article discusses the various capabilities that a person can do with google and the advances that google is making with regards to copying and google print. Not only is google dominating the search engine field they also have technology that allows them to almost be a monopoly. In a few years google will be unrecognizable to what it is today due to all of the new advances that they are making and the software that they are developing.

When reading Dr.Lewis points on the future of books it was interesting to compare and contrast my ideas with hers. For example she writes about the advances in technology and how it is revolutionizing the world and I have to agree with her about that because it is amazing to see the advances and I’m very for technology controlling some of our daily lives because at the end of the day it is a more effective way of getting some of the tasks done. However I disagree with her about the undoing of printed material. I believe that printed material will be able to stay around and that people will still buy paperback copies because that truly is what reading is about. Although digital books are becoming more accessible it is nice to still read a hard copy of a book.

I think that technology is going to become even more accessible in the future and that it is just going to be more effective. I love the fact that digital books are become more readily available but I still believe that hard copy books will still have a force in the market. It’ll be interesting to see where technology will be in the next few years and how much more books will change due to these advances.

DQ as a game?

Obviously not many games have been made out of Don Quixote due to the simple fact that it is a hard story to tell a game out of. However many games now are becoming more narrative and that is the reason I disagree with the article that was in the Juul Article.

Games can absolutely be narratives. When I was younger I used to play a lot of games that told a story and allowed you to step into the game and actually live the life of the character. For example the Sims game allows you to be the guy in the game and live a daily life and you have to go through the interactions. In the Juul article the author says that games can’t be narratives but I heavily disagree because nowadays most people want to buy games that are life like and therefore game creators will start to move more towards narrative games.

The place of games nowadays is very accessible for people to buy. Pretty much everybody can buy games anywhere now. Also games play such a huge role in our daily lives because almost every kid loves top play games because they are being so realistic and every kid wants to pretend that they can be something else. This relates to Don Quixote because Don wanted to be a different person and he created this new identity so he could be someone else. It is the same thing with kids and games because they want to create a new digital identity online when they play and they want to be like the player of the game. Games are becoming a new sensation around the world and they will still be growing because of this desire to change their identity while playing a game. This is how it relates to Don Quixote.

Don Quixote as a game would be very complicated but I’m sure in the future someone will be able to create a game that follows rthe narrative of the story because it is such a popular book and it does have such a good story to tell. Eventually a person will be able to create the software where it allows you to be Don Quixote and live the life that Don did.

Games do have pitfalls because they could have physcological effects especially in some of these war like games. At the end of the day games should be fun and they shouldn’t be used to encourage extreme violence which could lead to a pitfall. Hopefully we can keep games safe and fun for future generations.



Why create a new identity?

I think that when Don Quixote decided to change his identity it was because he wanted to envision a life that he wanted to have instead of the one that he currently was living. By doing this Don was able to start over and create this new persona of the true person he thought he was and therefore was able to live a happier life. I think it is admirable and it takes courage to create a new personality because you are leaving your old life for this and you want to make sure you can live it the way you want. I can’t imagine changing ideas because if you do you have to start over a new life which would be tough. I think if someone is willing to go through so much trouble to change their identity then they must be dedicated and that takes some true courage. I would never change my identity because my identity currently is who I am and I can’t imagine starting over and having to meet people under a different persona. I wouldn’t do it like Don Quixote because that is very drastic but if I were to do it I would start off small before I moved on with the changing of my identity.